Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Innovations Funding

MHSA Innovation funding is intended to provide mental health systems with an opportunity to learn from innovative approaches. Funding is provided for an 18 month period, with the expectation that a grant recipient will submit a report of findings before the end of that period. Innovations funding is not designed to support existing or ongoing programs or services, but rather to provide our system with innovative demonstration projects that will support system change and improve client/consumer outcomes.

Applicants will be asked to submit a project budget, which reflects the costs associated with planning, implementation and reporting during the project period.

Please note that the funding for the Innovative Grants Program and subsequent Innovative Projects is dependent on the availability of MHSA Innovation funds.


Submittal of an application does not guarantee an award. Applications will be evaluated on appropriateness, completeness, feasibility, clarity and relevance to the goal of the Innovative Grants Program and the effectiveness in addressing the BHCS defined Learning Question and its potential success in producing the BHCS Desired Outcome. Additionally, the Innovative Grants Portfolio will be diverse in terms of project type, target subpopulation, age groups of target population and activities.

Applicants that are granted awards will be required to sign a grant agreement stating the work to be completed within the estimated budget and timeframe. Additional terms may be required.

Public Domain and Ownership of Innovations Project Results

Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Agency (BHCS) is a public agency and supports the Innovations Grants Program with public funds. The purpose of these grants is to create Innovations projects for use in the public domain, making them available for use by everyone. BHCS recognizes the importance of the Innovations Grants and the knowledge they provide for the community. For more information about ownership of Innovations project results, click here.

Privacy Policy

Individual demographic information will not be shared with the Innovation Board upon review and scoring of applications. All demographic information will be collected, viewed and aggregated by Innovation Staff to assess the Innovation Grants Program outreach efforts.

Names, emails, phone numbers and addresses will not be distributed to third parties. Behavioral Health Care Services may add emails and names to mailing lists to announce other events and funding opportunities.

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last updated 02/09/2013
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Innovation Grants

Mental Health Technology Pilot Project awards will be announced in February 2018.

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