Phases and Decision Making Process

Round Three of Innovation Grants Funding focuses on these target populations:

  • Isolated Adults and Older Adults with Serious Mental Illness
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, Two Spirit (LGBTQI2S) Clients/Consumers

Phases & Decision Making Process

Phase 1Phase One: Development of Round Three Funding Parameters (2012)

BHCS identified grantee-consultants to provide pre-planning services, including a demographic analysis, summary of behavioral health needs of the two targeted populations and development of learning questions. This process will assist BHCS in the development of Round Three Learning Questions.

Phase 2Phase Two: Outreach & Application
(Early 2013 – Spring 2013)

The goals of Phase Two are:

  • Advertise the Innovation Grants Program to Alameda County community members.
  • Accept applications for Innovation grants.
  • Recruit for the Innovation Review Panel Members for Isolated Adults and Older Adults with Serious Mental Illness and LGBTQI2S Clients/Consumers

Phase 3Phase Three: Application Review (Spring 2013)

The goals of Phase Three are

  • Staff review, score and comment on appropriate and complete applications. During Phase Two, Innovation staff reviews all applications submitted by the deadline. The staff will look for the following:
    1. Completeness of the application;
    2. Focus on target population—the application must address the needs of members of the target populations:
    3. Focus on learning questions defined by BHCS. Click here for the Round Three Applicant Information and Learning Questions.
    4. Board Application Review & Prioritization: The highest scoring applications will be forwarded to the BHCS MHSA Stakeholder Group for a second review and scoring of applications. Content experts and/or MHSA Stakeholder Group members who have either submitted or participated in a proposal will not be allowed to review proposals. BHCS Administration will review the final scores and recommendations from the Innovation Grants Program Review Panels and the MHSA Stakeholder Group. The recommendations of the Innovation Grants Program Review Panels with content expertise will be heavily weighted in the final selection of the grants by BHCS Administration, who will determine and announce the awardees. BHCS Innovation Grants Program staff will work with each awardee to develop a grant agreement and arrange funding.

Phase 4Phase Four: Notification of Award and Implementation
(Fall 2013 – Spring 2015)

The goal of this phase is to begin the actual implementation of Innovation Round Three Projects. Grantees are expected to provide quarterly and final reports on the progress of their project. BHCS expects that some Innovation Projects will be more successful than others. Therefore, the learning about both challenges and successes will be welcome in the reports.

It is expected that projects will begin shortly after the Innovation funds have been distributed to grantees.

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