BHCS Innovation Grants, Round Three Application Information:

  • Applicants must respond to one or more learning question specified by BHCS, rather than creating their own learning question. See INN Three Key Application Requirements
  • INN funding cannot and will not be used to support ongoing services or programs; grants are designed to develop tangible assets that BHCS can use to change our system.
  • Grants will not be defined or selected according to a specific funding amount.
  • Each learning question has been assigned a maximum funding amount. Proposals that request the full amount of funding available for a specific learning question must incorporate all desired outcomes of that learning question. See INN Three Key Application Requirements
  • Interested applicants may submit proposals for more than one learning question. For Isolated Adults Proposals, applicants may address one or more learning question for each application. For the LGBTQI2S application, a separate and complete proposal is required for each learning question.
  • BHCS cannot contract with an individual for these grants. Individual applicants must submit a proposal under the auspices of a legal entity or have a fiscal sponsor.

Interested applicants should review the Innovation Grants Round Three Consultation Reports prior to submitting a proposal.

Proposals and the Application Process

Proposals must address all domains of a specific learning question. The application is due on Friday April 30, 2013. For technical assistance in completing your application contact TA@acinnovations.org.

Application Review and Selection Process

All proposals will be reviewed by the BHCS Innovations staff to ensure that they are complete and have met the eligibility criteria. Following this technical review, eligible applications will be forwarded to an Innovations Review Panel for review and scoring. For Round Three, there will be two Innovations Review Panels, one for each target population, and individuals with content expertise and/or lived experience related to a target population (Isolated Adults and Older Adults with Serious Mental Illness and LGBTQI2S Clients/Consumers) will be invited to participate in this review.

The highest scoring applications will be forwarded to the BHCS MHSA Stakeholder Group for a second review and scoring of applications. Content experts and/or MHSA Stakeholder Group members who have either submitted or participated in a proposal will not be allowed to review proposals. BHCS Administration will review the final scores and recommendations from the Innovations Review Panels and the MHSA Stakeholder Group. The recommendations of the Innovations Review Panels with content expertise will be heavily weighted in the final selection of the grants by BHCS Administration, who will determine and announce the awardees. BHCS Innovations staff will work with each awardee to develop a grant agreement and arrange funding.

What is Needed for the Application?

  • Title of project;
  • Requested Project Amount;
  • Estimated Project Budget & Rationale
    • Personnel Expenses
    • Non-Personnel Expenses
  • Type of Applicant
  • Federal Tax Identification Number of Applicant or Fiscal Sponsor
    • For Non-Profit Organizations:
      • 501(c)3 Articles of Incorporation letter and
      • Current year Board of Directors roster, including the officers and their contact information.
    • For For-Profit Corporations/ Partnerships:
      • Federal Tax ID number and Employee Identification Number
      • If Applicable - Current year Board of Directors roster, including the officers and their contact information.
  • Applicant Qualifications
  • References
  • Project participants from BHCS defined Target Population
  • Project Strategies to address BHCS Learning Question

Who Can Apply for Innovation Grant Funding?

Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services (BHCS) is seeking community members to present novel project ideas to be funded as Innovation Projects. Organizations, groups and individuals that are located in and benefit community members of Alameda County are invited to apply. This includes:

  • Nonprofit organizations & organizations with a 501 (c) 3 status, such as churches, academic institutions, and community based organizations;
  • Public entities, such as libraries; schools; school districts; First Five Alameda County; the Alameda County Office of Education; Alameda County Social Services Agency; Alameda County Public Health; Alameda County Probation Department;
  • Fiscally sponsored individuals & groups, including consultants and collaborations, such the Justice and Mental Health Planning Collaborative;
  • Organizations that do not traditionally focus on serving individuals with mental health issues, such as The Boys and Girls Clubs and senior centers;
  • Other organizations, such as for profits.

When Is the Deadline for the Innovation Grants Program Application?

Informational meetings for the Third Round of funding are currently being held all over Alameda County (see schedule in sidebar). Please sign up for the email list to be notified when the Third Round of applications will be accepted. Application period: March 18 – April 30, 2013.

How Can I Apply for Innovation Grant Funds?

All applicants are required to have an email address to apply. Applying for funding is simple. Round Three applications will be opened in March, 2013. Applicants will need to create a log in profile with an accurate email address. Click here to apply.

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