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The Innovation (INN) Review Panel is a group of individuals who will review and evaluate the INN Grants Round Three applications. INN Review Panel members represent the diversity and broad stakeholders of Alameda County, and are :

  • Content experts in the field of working with the target population , or
  • Individuals with lived experience as clients/ consumer or family members.

For Innovation (INN) Round Three Grants, there will be a separate INN Review Panel for each of the target population: Isolated adults and older adult consumers, and LGBTQI2S clients and consumers. Individuals are invited to be nominated or to self nominate to participate in the INN Review Panel. INN Review Panel members cannot be affiliated with any INN Round Three proposals. Review Panel members are selected by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services’ (BHCS) MHSA Stakeholder Group Steering Committee in partnership with BHCS’ Executive Team.

Innovation Review Panel members are selected based on their:

  • Professional and/or personal connection to Alameda County’s public mental health system;
  • Content expertise working with members of INN Round Three target population
  • Lived experience as BHCS clients/ consumer and / or family member
  • Experience in reviewing applications in the selection of grants and/or contracts; and
  • Vision of innovation and experience being innovative.

Each of the Innovation Review Panels is comprised of members of a diverse group in terms of age; race/ethnicity; geographic location/residence; occupation; and other group representation, including representation from:

  • Individuals with lived experience as BHCS clients/consumers and family members;
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersexed, or Two-Spirit (LGBTQI2S) clients/consumers and family members;
  • Content experts and/ or Providers to target population representing diverse and under-represented communities;
  • Transitional aged youth, adults and older adults;
  • Public Health; Social Services; Housing and Public Safety, and other County staff.

The Review Panel is provided with an orientation to the Mental Health Services Act and the Innovation Funding. During that time, the Innovation Review Panel is trained in order to review, score and comment on the INN Round Three online applications.

At the close of the application process, Innovation Staff review all applications for completeness and appropriateness. Complete and appropriate applications are reviewed, scored and commented on by the Innovation Review Panel members.

Nominations for the Innovation Review Panel
Round Three Funding Cycle

Note: Round Three Innovation Review Panel Members will not be permitted to submit any Innovation proposals for Round Three nor assist a group or organization that the member has a direct financial stake or interest in.

During the spring of 2013, Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services (BHCS) Innovation Grants Program will begin accepting proposals from the community for Innovative Projects. The Innovation Review Panel will review proposals and make recommendations to Alameda County on those that show the most potential for success.

We are inviting the community to nominate individuals to sit on the Innovation Review Panel for Round Three, 2013-2015 funding cycle. We are looking for a diverse group of individuals with experience with issues of Isolated Adults and Older Adults Consumers or LGBTQI2S Clients/ Consumers, as it relates to behavioral health, the public mental health system, expertise in various related disciplines, and insight into emerging practices that serve people experiencing mental health issues.

Review Panel members will review, score and comment on online applications through the secure Innovation Grants Program website.

Tentative INN Review Panel Schedule of Activities (Specific dates will be determined soon):

INN Review Panel Applications accepted online: March – May, 2013

Review Panel Training/Orientation for new INN Review Panel Members: Half day during May, 2013

INN Review Panel members evaluates INN proposals online: June, 2013:

INN Review Panel conference to discuss INN applications: July, 2013

How to Nominate/Apply to be a Review Panel Member

Please consider the skills, abilities and interests of your colleagues or yourself and identify a nominee for the Review Panel. Self nominations are also accepted.

Click here to Nominate/Apply to be a Review Panel member. Applications accepted March – May 2013.

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